Boring Sitemaps

Submitted by John on Sun, 09/08/2019 - 18:46

A boy laying on the bed, looking at the cameraI feel bad when I spend a lot of time on this site that makes things better for me to administer the site, or SEO or whatever, but ultimately isn't making new posts. 

But that's what happened today!

Ah, I will make a sitemap. Research what I need to do to make that happen on Drupal. Pick the right module. Try to install the module using Composer, since I just got the site set up with Composer. 

Fails with an out of memory error. Whaaaaat? I thought I had a swap partition. I do have a swap partition!?

Turns out Composer needs a lot of RAM. Lots and tons and gobs. Okay how do I add more swap space to Linux again?

Finally, got the module installed, oh I have to adjust the permissions. Oh, more permissions and then by the time I get done making the sitemap, I'm like... eh? I guess it worked?

I guess it was fun going through all my old content and seeing what was there.