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Filed under: Feminism, Foofy, General — June 8, 2006 @ 10:59 am

I really don’t know why I keep reading Ilyka Damen; it’s clear that she has had a deep drink of the feminist Kool-Aid.

In reference to this:

We’re also not supposed to equate the word “pussy” with “hopeless coward.” That’s really demeaning to women! It must stop.

….I’d like to know why “pussy” is offensive, but the f-word (which Ilyka and many feminist bloggers use regularly, ew!) isn’t. I think the f-word just as demeaning, if not more–an insult to loving sexual intimacy between a man and a woman.

For the record, I find both and the “Yes, I am also not a pussy” line by Samir in Office Space to be funny. But then, I’m not a feminist.

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