Who am I?

Big electronics nerd. Photography nut. Fully on board with Team Kindness and Empathy.

Stuff I am making:

An 8-bit voltage controlled digital oscillator (VCDO) (Includes a Youtube video with sound samples and stacked oscillators)
An 8-bit voltage controlled LFO module
An analog synthesizer tutorial for absolute beginners, explaining basic concepts in simple language

Stuff I have made:

The Stella Amp: a portable, battery powered 1 watt amplifier
The Solar Stella: using the sun to make music

Jenga blocking a tremelo: making guitars better by hacking them with puzzle toys
Computer monitor contact prints: who needs an enlarger when you've got a monitor?
Do-It-Yourself Macro Lenses: My book on how to make your own macro lenses

The Crazy But Able Guide to LEDs: An artists guide to using LEDs in interactive and non-interactive artwork


A very old photo of me when I had more hair

self portrait