8 Bit VCDO!

This is a documentation page for my 8-bit VCDO (Voltage Controlled Digital Oscillator) prototype I am working on!


  • Voltage controlled pitch, 1v/octave!
  • Voltage controlled waveform selection
    • Sine
    • Triangle
    • Sawtooth-triangular
    • Ramp
    • Saw
    • Square
    • Noise
  • Voltage controlled tuning: can go up or down by an octave or more
  • Voltage controlled output amplitude
  • One digital pin that enables the output or not. If you send an analog voltage here, you can get some interesting glitchy effects when you give it a voltage *near* what it thinks is the boundary between zero and one

Here's a youtube video of stacking a few of these oscillators together to make a keyboard controlled synthesizer.

More info later!