The time I was able to hand deliver a karma package

Submitted by John on Tue, 10/05/2021 - 21:04

This story takes place in a Target parking lot. This particular Target is always busy (at least it was back then), and the parking lot, well I was going to try to draw what the parking lot looked like but then I realized I could just take a screenshot from Google Maps: 

An aerial view of a large parking lot near a target store, with only a few very long rows for cars

So as you can see, the parking lot is shaped like a large oval, with the short end tucking between the Target on one side and the J.C. Penney's on the other side. 

Look at those long, long aisles of parking spaces! If you didn't compromise quick and get in at the back of the lot, you could be slowly driving through a massive line of cars with no hope of a parking spot, only to turn around at the top and do it all over again. 

Usually I compromised quick because I don't mind the walk, but one day I was in kind of a hurry and I was hoping for a spot nearer the door, because I was picking up some medicine for my pregnant wife and was trying to hurry home. And the clouds parted and a shaft of light pierced down from heaven and for the most part the aisle I was in was packed with cars, but not busy, so I got in quick and then got the first or second spot, right next to the handicap spots! I mean, I literally could not believe my luck. It's the closest I've ever parked to the entrance of any big box store, ever. I went in to pick up the medicine and some chocolate. 

On my way out, the parking lot had only gotten even more busy. The whole lot was now gridlock as cars were just plonking themselves in the aisle to wait for someone to unload their stuff and get in and go, and the aisles are narrow besides and people have giant SUVs they are trying to cram into all of these little spots. It was a massive mess.

So I'm coming out of the store, and I need to cross the lane in front of the store to get to my car. 

As I am waiting for a safe moment to cross, I take in the situation. There's some folks who are loading up their bright green car and getting ready to leave. And there is a woman in a red car coming up around from the top, getting ready to go back down to try to find a spot. She's eyeing the green car spot. The green car starts backing out. The red car lady sees me trying to cross, and she waves me over to cross, but clearly that spot held by the green car was going to be hers. But, because she waited for me, another car ZOOMED up and AROUND the green car and squeezed in before she could get a chance to get that parking spot!

I looked over at her and she was so indignant, not at me, she was just gesturing at the other car that stole her spot like she couldn't believe it. It was truly a dick move because of how the other car sped up and around the green car. Instantly, I knew what needed to be done.

I walked back in front of her car for just a little bit and waved to get her attention. She gave me a quizzical look. And I made a "come follow me" gesture and I did the most ridiculous prancing dance 15 feet over to my car and pointed at it with both hands! She immediately caught on, got a huge grin, and then stopped exactly where she was at. I got in my car and backed up, making sure to block the ability of any other car to get into that space or get around me in any fashion. (Believe me, the folks coming up the aisle the other way started inching up, but I wasn't having it!)

It was a flawless execution! I backed out, blocking everything, and she turned in front of me and got my space (which was even slightly closer than the one she missed out on), and I drove off ecstatic that we pulled it off!