Wrong place I know, BUT

By mindwave, 10 May, 2012

I couldnt find a "contact me" button anywhere.

Anyone know if the vendor accepts paypal?

I want to order a kit, and would LIKE to use ppl but dont HAVE to, I just hate to muck up his system by starting a sale to "see" and then cancel it if he doesnt.

thought this might be easier

sorry about the mispost


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11 years 7 months ago

It's under "Support", but you are right, I should put an e-mail address in my About page.

Paypal: YES. You can pay with a paypal account or a credit card, but you have to select which one you will use when you get to the paypal site. In other words, if you want to pay with a credit card, you still select paypal as the thing you want to pay with.

Hope this helps. Feel free to mis-post any time.


jerome hess (not verified)

11 years 7 months ago

Thanks for the reply,

I couldnt wait for my paypal account to clear, so I went ahead and ordered VIA CC.

VERY much waiting for this amp.

I hate to admit it, but I have tried 3 times to build LM386 based amps and comes up with nada each time.

I'm really psyched about being able to build my own amp and I know Im not stupid, however I am color blind, so the 1st time I know I got some values wrong (pretty bad when your asking your 5yo, what color is that, no the 3rd ring).

After watching your videos I really like the sound, and am curious to compare it to that of an LM386 (once I FINALLY get one running), as well as the artec all in one pot-amp board that Im going to try next.

Thanks for all your work.


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Wow, I'm excited that you are excited!

If you are color blind, one thing that my color blind friends have found helpful is to have a multimeter handy, and to just measure every resistor before putting it in. Even the cheap digital meters are accurate enough for this.

If you're having a problem with making an LM386 amp, try a Smokey amp:


It's a super minimalist LM386 circuit.

jerome (not verified)

11 years 7 months ago

thanks ill work on smokey while waiting for yours to arrive