By John, 15 June, 2024

At work we have a Burger Club that is devoted to finding the best burgers in the Twin Cities. We've been at it for a few years now. On a recent Burger Club trip to Chips Clubhouse (my review: it's perfectly fine, grab it if you are in the area, four stars), the waiter there mentioned that the Star Tribune was sending burger reviewers out and he wanted to know if we were affiliated with them. Nope, just a coincidence!

By John, 1 September, 2014

Blue Barn, Corn Fritters: Some reviewers found these to be too blue cheesy, but today I found them to be tasteless! Good sauce though, which is nice because that's the only thing with flavor. If they come back next year, I will give them one more chance, in the hopes of getting to that blue cheese heaven.

San Felipe, Fish Tacos: Been getting these for a few years now, and I have to say, each year they get more disappointing. I won't be getting them again next year.