Fixed a few things

Submitted by John on Thu, 03/05/2020 - 23:46

A few things have been bothering me, mostly related to the D8 migration, so I dug in and fixed them recently.

  • I now have a favicon. I plan on updating the favicon from time to time, unless I forget, in which case I won't.
  • I fixed the tags on the weblog posts. I can now create new tags whenever I am entering a new weblog entry, instead of having to navigate all the way over to the taxonomy page.
  • I restricted the Stella Amp menu to the Stella Amp pages (and got rid of the defunct "Buy it!" menu item.)
  • I changed the title of the weblog in the RSS feed, so RSS subscribers will now see the correct title for the feed (Hello RSS subscribers!)
  • I removed some extra "display titles" on various parts of the site


It's much cleaner, but now I want to fix:

  • CSS of menus and the top nav bar, on desktop but especially mobile
  • I'd like some other form of sidebar, not sure what, not sure why, not sure how, but it needs some sort of vertical design element.